Here is a place to book appointments and share your projects with me in a simple and efficient way.


Please read the FAQ regarding any information concerning appointments and use the Contact Form to send me an email.





When can I book a tattoo session ?

You can book appointments up to three (3) months in advance. (Ex. If it is January, then I would be open for booking in February/March/April.) It can be extended to five (5) months if you live abroad and need to plan a trip to Berlin.

How do I book an appointment ?

Click on " BOOK NOW", and you’ll be redirected to my contact form

Can I book for a guest spot ?

Please do NOT request for a guest spot on this portal, UNLESS I have announced a guest spot on my Instagram/Facebook page. Otherwise, I will not respond to any emails regarding guest spots.

Do I need to send a deposit ?

After I receive your submission, we will have a consultation on the project and budget. Once we agree on price, I will ask you to send a deposit to confirm the appointment and the design.

How long is your waiting list ?

It can be up to 1-2 weeks for existing designs and 3-4 weeks for custom designs. However, it depends on the season. You'd be surprised at how quickly I can squeeze out appointments.

When will I receive a response?

I personally answer all requests and it usually takes me about a week to respond. I normally announce when I answer emails in my Instagram stories, so check out my Instagram @agathaschnips.

Can I book a commission?

I'm very sorry, but I do not do commissions. The darkheads are dear to my heart and I want to be the only one tattooing them.

Can I book an design I saw in your portfolio ?

Of course! You can request an existing design or ask for something custom. I would also be happy to redraw any design in my portfolio.


The price depends on 4 things: -Is it black and gray or color? -How big is it? -Where is the tattoo placement? -How detailed is the tattoo? Emailing me about a project doesn't mean we've entered a devils pact.
Send me these details and then we can go into pricing. If the price is not within your budget, no problem! We can either: adapt the project, give you time to save up, or you can simply cancel.

Deutsch / Français

Ich spreche Deutsch. . . . aber als dritte Sprache! Wenn du wirklich keine andere Wahl hast, kannst du mir auf Deutsch schreiben . Achtung: es bedeutet, dass du wahrscheinlich eine spätere Antwort bekommen wirst. . . . die übersetzung nimmt mir ein bisschen mehr Zeit .

Le français est ma langue maternelle. Je réponds évidemment aux demandes en français !

Do you tattoo things other than darkheads?

YES! I love my darkheads, but I am happy to tattoo different projects (flowers, animals, etc) as long as you're willing to go with my style.

Do you do cover ups ?

Yes, I do cover ups. The process being more complicated then a tattoo with nothing under it, I will first invite you to our studio in Berlin to meet you in person and take more detailed measures. You can also book your this pre-meeting here




  • Booking is always open up to 3 months in advance! (5 months if you are traveling from abroad)

  • Please read the FAQ for any other information.