Here is a place to book appointments and share your projects with me in a simple and efficient way.


Please read the FAQ regarding any information concerning appointments and use the Contact Form to send me an email.

Image de Mat Reding


Image de Mat Reding


When can I book a tattoo session ?

You can book appointments up to three (3) months in advance. (Ex. If it is January, then I would be open for booking in February/March/April.) It can be extended to five (5) months if you live abroad and need to plan a trip to Berlin.

How do I book an appointment ?

Click on " BOOK NOW", and you’ll be redirected to my contact form

Can I book for a guest spot ?

Please do NOT request for a guest spot on this portal, UNLESS I have announced a guest spot on my Instagram/Facebook page. Otherwise, I will not respond to any emails regarding guest spots.

Do I need to send a deposit ?

After I receive your submission, we will have a consultation on the project and budget. Once we agree on price, I will ask you to send a deposit to confirm the appointment and the design.

How long is your waiting list ?

It can be up to 1-2 weeks for existing designs and 3-4 weeks for custom designs. However, it depends on the season. You'd be surprised at how quickly I can squeeze out appointments.

When will I receive a response to my submission ?

I personally answer all requests and check most often my emails on wednesdays and sundays. So, keep an eye on your mailbox .

Can I book a commission?

I'm very sorry, but I do not do commissions. The darkheads are dear to my heart and I want to be the only one tattooing them.

Can I book an design I saw in your portfolio ?

Of course! You can request an existing design or ask for something custom. I would also be happy to redraw any design in my portfolio.


The price depends on 4 things: -Is it black and gray or color? -How big is it? -Where is the tattoo placement? -How detailed is the tattoo? Emailing me about a project doesn't mean we've entered a devils pact.
Send me these details and then we can go into pricing. If the price is not within your budget, no problem! We can either: adapt the project, give you time to save up, or you can simply cancel.

Deutsch / Français

Ich spreche Deutsch. . . . aber als dritte Sprache! Wenn du wirklich keine andere Wahl hast, kannst du mir auf Deutsch schreiben . Achtung: es bedeutet, dass du wahrscheinlich eine spätere Antwort bekommen wirst. . . . die übersetzung nimmt mir ein bisschen mehr Zeit .

Le français est ma langue maternelle. Je réponds évidemment aux demandes en français !

Do you tattoo things other than darkheads?

YES! I love my darkheads, but I am happy to tattoo different projects (flowers, animals, etc) as long as you're willing to go with my style.

Do you do cover ups ?

Yes, I do cover ups. The process being more complicated then a tattoo with nothing under it, I will first invite you to our studio in Berlin to meet you in person and take more detailed measures. You can also book your this pre-meeting here





Sorry I've missed you

My agenda will reopen on the 1st of December 2021 for January-June 2022.

Don't want to miss it ? Simply add the event to your calendar :)

Please, the description of your project should not exceed 500 characters.

Overly specific idealisation of a design most often hinders artistic freedom.